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Rolling Along

Posted by michael.gonos on April 29, 2014 at 1:35 AM

So much stuff going on, been too busy to write about it! But here goes:

First, congratulations to SF Stompers FC, who've been making a fight of it after last year's forgettable season. They are in third place in the Golden Gate Conference, and still in the fight for a play-off berth. 

Second, the upgrades to our website are ongoing, and hopefully you enjoy them. Please give feedback on what we can do to improve things. We're going to try to shift more and more of the conversation over here, rather than on Facebook alone. One of the most important changes is to the sign-up sheet. Please make sure you're on the books, so you can reliably get invites to matches and parties and such.

Third, it's WORLD CUP SUMMER, KIDS! To really kick things off properly, we're going to be joining our friends of the American Outlaws San Francisco Chapter at McTeague's this evening for the night-before party. We'll be getting ready for the USA-Azerbaijan friendly tomorrow, the first US MNT game in the Bay Area in over six years! Everyone have their tickets?

Finally, some very exciting news. Say hello to the newest team representing our city, San Francisco City FC. This team, 12 year veterans of the SF Soccer Football League, are in the process of becoming a pro team. Here's the kicker: They are going to be a SUPPORTER OWNED club. Buy a membership in the club, you get a vote in how the club is run, and get to run for a position on the club's board. The Association plans to offer them our fullest support and cooperation at all levels, as this is a cause we believe in. Several people involved in the club will be at the AO party tonight, so please come and talk with us. Check out their landing page here for more information.

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