San Francisco Football 
Supporters Association

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We, the members of the San Francisco Football Supporters Association, here declare our goals and ambitions. The Association is composed of lovers of the game of football who want to build upon its rich history here in San Francisco, and help it achieve new heights of glory.  Our members are often supporters of many different clubs both in the United States and abroad, and from all walks of life represented in our City, brought together by our love for the game and love for our home. Professional football has flourished in many other American cities, and every one of us have begun this journey with the question, 'Why not here?'


Our goals are:

To establish and aid in the growth of a premier level professional soccer team in San Francisco, and to ensure that it truly represents and honors our home and its unique heritage.

To raise awareness and enthusiasm for the game of football in our city.

To support teams representing San Francisco at all levels of competition.

To marshal the support of local teams and supporters in order to help those in need in our community.

To foster and preserve the spirit, passion, independence, and solidarity of supporter culture, and ensure that it is forever free of bigotry and violence.